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When you are considered "The Best", you feel obliged to always do your best and never idle.

"If I am not changing or progressing I'm History" (Larry Bird). 

The need to move forward, catch up and keep updated is something I believe in and live by in my professional life. 


I am Chen Belachness, born in the 80's, the era when everything changed right before our eyes. 

I found myself dealing with photography from a very very young age, and later developed that hobby into a profession I love so much. 


The technical side of photography, to me, is just part of the profession. 

Customer relations are the main ingredient of my professional success. 

The combination of the two is what I bring with me to every meeting with my customers and that's the key factor for my success.


Every single photo I take, I find myself falling in love with, just like a little child. 

My love for photography is insatiable. It just grows and grows and so I enjoy every moment of my professional life.


Our services include:

 Event photography: weddings, bar / t mitzvah, brit-mila etc. 

Studio photography: pregnancy, family photographs, product photography and more 

Productions: fashion productions, exhibitions, beauty, image videos. architecture photography ... and more 


Always yours: Chen Belachness


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